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Separation and parenting through the pandemic: key questions answered

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Irena and I are delighted to have contributed to this new book, a supplement to last year’s 101 questions answered about separating with children.  The book has been produced by Only Mums and Only Dads and has been published by Bath Publishing and is available from the following site

The book is full of useful questions and answers that might be occurring to parents going through separation at the moment in these unprecedented times. It is designed to help and assist parents and also professionals working with those parents, children and families through these extra tough times.

Irena and I have produced a chapter on domestic abuse, but all sorts of other topics are explored: contact arrangements, domestic abuse, child maintenance, contact centres, Wills, alternatives to court, and so on.

There is also a really helpful section at the end including a glossary of terms and contacts for agencies that you might find helpful.

Ruth Hawkins, Partner


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