Why should I use a counsellor alongside my matrimonial solicitor?

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Our clients can find dealing with their divorce, or trying to sort out their children’s arrangements really stressful. Clients are often anxious about their legal costs – even where it’s not contentious or acrimonious. 

This might especially be true during a cost of living crisis, and where financial matters can feel so uncertain, and outside of your control. Delays in the system don’t help.

Whilst we as lawyers or mediators try to keep costs reasonable, we recognise that the cost of dealing with these issues, can add to an already stressful situation.

We completely understand that you might feel like paying for counselling and support is just another expense on top of legal fees and other expenses, and might not feel like it is something to prioritise.

But have you considered that…it might actually save you time and money in legal fees?

We Solicitors and mediators are trained professionals and experts at dealing with all the legal aspects of your divorce or separation. But we’re not specialists in supporting you with the emotional challenges of your divorce.

And using your solicitor to vent at or about your ex or your situation, is not the best use of your time and money.

Our linked counsellors are so much more able to help you manage your emotions so that you can then cope better with dealing with the legal, practical, or financial aspects of your separation.

This can mean your meetings with your solicitor or mediator are then more objective, focused, and productive.

Which means that you will save time and money in legal fees.

If you would like a referral to one of our linked counsellors please contact us to discuss.

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