Lockdown being exploited to stop child arrangements

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The BBC has reported separated couples have been exploiting the Covid-19 lockdown to stop an ex-partner from seeing their child. The head of the family courts Sir Andrew McFarlane has said such parents could face court action.

Sir Andrew McFarlane has said ‘children should continue to visit parents they do not live with, as long as both households are healthy’.

The guidance for parents who live apart states that children under the age of 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes after a sensible discussion, and an assessment that the children are not being put at risk.

For some parents, trust and communication have broken down, and discussions over child visits have been impossible.

Sir Andrew McFarlane says that a child’s safety with regard to the virus is a matter for parental judgement, and the courts would not take that away. 

He is urging families in conflict to focus on children’s welfare, and to make sure they are in touch with both of their parents.

The full article from the BBC can be found here:


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