Financial Agreement on divorce – What you need to know

Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP

How do I get a financial agreement?

To obtain a financial agreement, it is recommended that you obtain financial disclosure before entering into negotiations towards a financial settlement.

A financial agreement or settlement will include how you are going to divide property, pensions, accounts, savings, investments, personal belongings, and contents. It will also include how much money, if any, should be paid towards maintenance for a spouse and for any dependent children.

Do I have to go to court?

It is possible to avoid going to court if you are able to reach a financial agreement.

How do I avoid going to court?

There are various options for avoiding court proceedings. These include discussing matters directly between you, attending Mediation, adopting the Collaborative Law approach, Solicitor led negotiation, round table meetings, private Financial Dispute Resolution Hearings and Arbitration.

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