Helen Bishop, Consultant Solicitor

No Fault Divorce

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On Monday 07th June, in answer to a Parliamentary question, the government committed to the introduction of the new no fault divorce being up and running on  the 6th April 2022. 

This is later than anticipated, but it provides a clear committed date which can only be good news.  We understand that the delay is to ensure that the correct IT packages are updated to the Courts online divorce systems,  which is essential and of course Covid 19 will not have helped matters. 

Over the coming months we will be providing regular  updates as to how the new “no fault divorce” will work and what it will mean for married couples wanting to get divorced.  The most important change is in the name, no longer will a petitioner have to apportion blame on the respondent, or wait either 2 years for a divorce with mutual consent or 5 years without consent. This new system  will  therefore assist in removing  unnecessary acrimony in the divorce process.

Helen Bishop, Consultant Solicitor


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