Completing my apprenticeship

Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP

During August, I completed my apprenticeship. I came to Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP in May 2019 to start an apprenticeship in business administration at NVQ level 2. The apprenticeship was through Abingdon & Witney College.

My apprenticeship was due to take between 12 and 18 months.

Over the duration of my apprenticeship I have participated in different sessions in college and learnt lots of new skills through working in the office.

I attended a 10 week college course for one day a week studying business administration. During this time I learnt a lot of new skills on all sorts of things including marketing, time management, working with colleagues etc. I also took a separate IT course and retook my Maths GCSC.

Doing this apprenticeship has enabled me to finally achieve my Maths grade, after many years of struggling to get it! This was a great relief for me after trying for so long to get the grade I needed.

I really enjoy learning on the job. I learn more easily when actively doing things so this works really well for me.

One challenge I had was not believing in myself when doing certain things. I would constantly question things, which isn’t a bad thing but would sometimes put myself down by not thinking I had done things correctly. Over time I have become more confident, and I think the way of learning on the job alongside studying at college has definitely helped.

The best thing about learning on the job is that it is something different every day and you always have something to do. I am certainly never bored at BH&O!

I love the different parts of family law that we work with. You learn so many different things about each different department as such. I also love the environment and people I work with. They are all very supportive and will do all they can to help you if and when you need it.

My training coordinator helped me a great deal through my course. Anything I was struggling with or needed help with all I had to do was email or we would arrange a meeting to discuss how I can improve my work.

During lockdown a lot changed in regards to our course.
I had to do my whole IT course online which was extremely challenging as everything you were learning was through a screen. This made it harder when you needed help s it wasn’t very easy to show you.

Everything was done via video call which felt very strange. It was good to still be able to continue with our learning though.

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other young people.
I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship but the one thing that I enjoyed most was finally passing my Maths!

Ellie Sliney

Emily, Irena and I are delighted that Ellie has completed her apprenticeship! During her time with us she has become a valued member of our team. She is about to move sideways within the firm to be the designated admin support for our lawyer consultants, which will mean she can continue to build her skills and knowledge across both matrimonial and private law, and public law and domestic abuse cases. Well done Ellie!

Ruth HawkinsPartner


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