Irena Osborne, Ruth Hawkins and Emily Boardman

Merry Christmas to all our clients, colleagues, neighbours and agencies!

Boardman, Hawkins & Osborne LLP

We’ve had a busy few months at BH&O but we’ve also not forgotten to support the charities and agencies we work with, or who we know support clients and those in need, both locally, regionally and nationally.

We have again supported Abingdon Community Events in their 2nd Christmas toy and present drive.  We became aware of the wonderful Tracey and Jason Desmond last year, when we were first opening, and were thrilled to support them last year in collecting toys and presents for Abingdon Community Events.  Last year they gave out 737 Christmas presents to low income and vulnerable families in Abingdon, and this year they’ve had a similar number of referrals from the Food Bank, and Social Services, though the number has increased, and is currently over 800.  They are also delivering to the local Refuges on Christmas Eve.

BH&O bought 48 chocolate selection boxes, and our staff, partners and consultants also donated a selection of toys, books, games and gifts to the present drive. As well as our own donations, we allowed our offices to be used as a drop off point for anyone donating so that there was a central Abingdon donation point available during working hours. In the end, we delivered 2 car loads to Abingdon Community Events.


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